Types of Assistive Technology Tools

The word of assistive technology has been used usually in for electronic devices and computer software and hardware. Meanwhile, there are a couple of assistive technology tools that are available in the internet nowadays. This article will give you a couple of types of assistive technology tools that can support kids.

Abbreviation expanders

These software programs can be used in order to store, create, and re-use abbreviations for words or phrases that have been frequently used. This very useful as it can save the keystrokes of user and to make sure proper spelling of phrases and words that has been coded as abbreviations.

Alternative Keyboards

These keywords that have been programmed come with special overlays which can customize the function and appearance of standard keyboards. For those of students who have trouble typing or have LD, they can get advantage from customization which adds graphics to get comprehension, group’s keys by location or color, and reduces input options.

Audio Books and Publications

Books that have been recorded let users to listen to the text and these books are available in a couple of formats such as MP3, audiocassettes, and CDs. User is allowed by special playback units in order to search and bookmark chapters and pages. Extensive electronic collections have been offered by the subscription services.

Electronic Math Work Sheets

Electronic math worksheets are software program which can help you to work, align, and organize through problems of math on computer screen. You can also read a couple of numbers which occur onscreen by using a speech synthesizer. It will be beneficial for many people who have problem aligning math issues with paper and pencil.

Freeform Database Software

This tool lets the user to store and create electronic notes by using relevant information of any subject and any length. The information can later be retrieved by typing any fragment of the original note.

Graphic Organizers and Outlining

Graphic organizers and outlining programs will be useful in order to help users with problem of outlining and organizing information when they start to write project. User is allowed by this kind of program to get information in a manner which has been unstructured and the information can be organized into real categories and order.

Personal FM Listening Systems

The voices of the speaker can be transmitted by a personal FM listening system directly to the ear of user. It will help the listener to focus on what speaker is saying. The unit contains wireless transmitter that has worn by the speaker and a receiver that has been worn by listener.