Marvel Future Fight Hints and Clues You Need To Know

These Marvel Future Fight Hints will help you assemble a strong squad, make better control system, get better bonuses, receive fewer damage to win against strong villains and discover all biometric locations. If you want to win missions in Marvel Future Fight, your team should be powerful though it is really easy to play. Marvel Future Fight is a new Marvel-themed action-RPG beat ‘em up Android game. There are 3D superheroes profiles that you can collect along with their animated action sequence. There are many supervillains from the Marvel universe that you can fight as the enemy boss.


Marvel Future Fight


Marvel Future Fight Hints For Building Team

You can increase your attack and defense stats of your team by getting team bonus from adding heroes into your squad. Certain team combination provides higher stats bonuses than others. You can increase 1.6 percent to attack and defense by having Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow on your team. You will get 1.5% bonuses by having Captain America to replace Hawkeye in team formation. Certain combination offer more beneficial than others so Marvel Future Fight Hints suggest you to experiment to achieve higher attack and defense bonuses.

Marvel Future Fight Hints To Choosing Controller

Control Pad and One-Touch are two types of controls you can choose. You can move and attack by tapping on the screen using One-Touch. You can move and attack enemies using your left and right thumb if you choose the control pad. It is up to you to choose the control type that suits your play style. But on-screen control pad tends to work much better than One-Touch since you have complete control of character’s movements and can take less damage attacking several enemies at once. It is more suitable with the control pad for Marvel Future Fight Hints as the game is a basic button pounding.

Marvel Future Fight Hints For Finding Biometric Location

You can level up heroes and recruit new heroes using Biometrics. Increase general stats by gathering biometrics and leveling up heroes. If the hero accomplishes a particular level, there are additional skills that can be unlocked. Your hero’s biometric is located on certain area that you need to complete mission to achieve. Go to Biometrics tab in your Inventory menu lets you locate the biometric of the hero. Tap on Location button to discover missions that you should complete to get the biometrics. You might also need to use Chests, Dimension Rifts, or Tokens to find certain biometrics. So, Marvel Future Fight Hints require you to complete all missions to get all biometrics.


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