Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips, Strategies And Cheats

Dungeon Hunter 5

To make your journey easier, follow this Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips if you feel it is a bit overwhelming advancing through levels. Dungeon Hunter 5 does actually not need you adventuring in dungeons and doing much searching. You will need a lot of questing when you start the story mode as the leader of a guild of bounty hunters. There will be some powerful weapons and armor you can find during those quests. These items have elemental affinities that can be combined together to form even more powerful items.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips To Choose Weapon

There is no need to be confused choosing you first weapon option. What you need to focus is choosing a class since it causes impact on how you’ll fight. Flexibility is the main part of the gameplay so it is up to you whether you want to attack at range with the dual crossbows. Before the end of the tutorial stages, there will be another set of weapon provided and you switch between them when battle. The best Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips is to focus your attempt for other important aspect. Choose the strongest weapon you can find and combine it to make it even more powerful.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips To Planning Ahead

Consider to find out what kinds of enemies you will battle before you start into a mission. Five elements are used in the game and each is weaker against one and stronger against another. The cycle is Fire -> Water -> Light -> Dark -> Nature -> Fire. So, equip your character with nature armor and weapons if you want to battle mostly dark enemies. If you want to level up your new set of Fire gear, retry the missions where you can loot Fire items. This Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips will let you to level up that gear quicker.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips To Choosing Party Member

The most important thing before starting a mission is picking party member though many people think it is the last thing to make. At the finish of a completed level, you will get one Bounty Ticket if you pick a recommended, random character, but if pick an in-game party members, you’ll get four. If you carry more party members into a battle and you successfully complete level, you’ll be able to get Bounty Chests much quicker as you need 10 Bounty Tickets to open them to earn extra loot. This is the best Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips to beat the game.

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