Dark Souls 3 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


For those of you who never played this game, these are a couple of tips and tricks that will help you win the Dark Souls 3 game.

How to Spend Your Souls

Souls are the one main currency like the previous Souls game. They can be gotten by killing a couple of enemies, or you can also use a couple of specific items which are perfect to kill your enemy. When you level-up, souls are used but you can also use them in order to purchase items from merchants. Souls can also be used to upgrade your weapons. It means that you have to think strategically on how you improve your character, specifically after killing a boss. Leveling up does not change the price depends on the stat you choose. You also have to consider that the enhancement of the price will be happened with every level. It makes you tricky to choose the stat that you want to upgrade.

Lost Souls Recovery

This is not a big deal for the fans of the Dark Souls 3 game, but for those of you who never played this Souls game, you have to consider what will happen when you die. You probably lose all of the souls that you are carrying, but you can keep all of your items. When you have been killed, your Souls are left where you perished. You do not have to be panic because your can return and pick them up. Buy they are lost for good if you die again. So for those of you who are feeling not good, or you cannot be able to take down a boss, you will get experience to a specific level. At these points it is more important for you to basically more effective in order to enhance your fighting strategy than your stats.

Level Up

Firelink Shrine is the first area that you get to level-up. For those of you who cannot take down the boss for and you want the better opportunity in order to beat the boss, unfortunately that you cannot do that. It can be happened after that fight. If you can take down the boss, you can go to the Firelink Shrine and you can chit chat with the female character at the center of this safe area. From now on, this woman will be our port of call when you have to spend souls in order to improve the stats of your character.


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