Stephen’s Sausage Roll: The Fun Puzzle Challenge

If you like a challenging game in terms that it makes your brain stay active with the puzzle-like mechanism, then you should be playing Stephen’s Sausage Roll. A lot of people underestimate this game by saying ‘Oh, it’s not challenging enough’ or ‘What kind of game is that? Doesn’t seem complicated or difficult for me.’ Well, you probably think the same but wait until you can play it and start sweating out the puzzle. Never underestimate a puzzle game unless you are a world-class genius.


Stephen’s Sausage Roll and about the Game

This game is both published and developed by Increpare Games and designed for various platforms, such as Windows PC, Linux, and OS X. As it was mentioned before, it is a puzzle game with only a single player mode. This Stephen’s Sausage Roll was released from the 18th April 2016 and so far the public acceptance and reaction are quite positive.


Stephen Lavelle was the creator (ring a bell about the title, anyone?) and it is basically about the character who has to push the sausage links to reach various grilling locations within a grid. It may sound easy but wait until you have a direct hands-on experience on it. After playing the game, it may not be as easy as you think.


Stephen’s Sausage Roll and the Game’s Idea

Adapting the Sokoban puzzle style, the game is about controlling the character to move around the grilling locations and stay within the grid. The main purpose is to grill the sausage in four different places. However, if the sausage falls or if it is grilled within the same location, the mission is considered a failure and you need to restart the game again. The character is holding a fork which somewhat occupies the second space. You can rotate the fork around the character and move the character in the cardinal directions. To control the puzzle, you need to navigate and also align the character with the fork. Sound like an easy work? You need to try it before sounding an opinion.


Stephen’s Sausage Roll Outcome

Surprisingly, the acceptance of this game is pretty okay. The Metacritic gives score 90 out of 100 while The Guardian, represented by Jordan Erica Webber, said that the game is pretty difficult. Jonathan Blow and Bennett Foddy, indie developers, said good things about the game, praising it as being original and difficult without reducing the fun factor. Aren’t you curious about the Stephen’s Sausage Roll now?


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Township Review and Information

Playing Township is not as simple as it seems. It has many kinds of in-game items which have their own function and price. You may need the Township review before start playing because a wrong strategy may ruin the game and cost you a lot. In this game, you need to build your town from scratch and decide how to run it. There are also many kinds of characters and each of them has their own skill. Some are useful for the development of the city and others are not. The decision to choose which building that should be built is one of the most important strategies in playing this game.

This game has been available for Android and iOS. It receives outstanding reception from gamers and includes in the list of most popular games on the internet. What makes Township different from other city building game is that this game includes Factories in the gameplay. In the factories, the players can process various materials to create other products. Some materials like crops can be sold to gain money or be processed in the factory to create flour and then be processed again into bread. In the Township review, you will often see that factory is mentioned as the most important building.

The complications of the products make the game more interesting to be played. This also means that the players must spend their time more often so that they can keep updated with the products gained from their field and factories. However, the difficulties sometimes become the reason for some people to use Township hack. This Township review will not explain more about the buildings because the players must experience it by themselves and feel the excitement of playing this game.

Another great thing about this game is the graphic provided by the developer. However, the background music can be so annoying so if you do not really love the music, you can turn it off immediately. The detail and charm are so excellent. You can see the details of the house like fences and gardens. The residents seem alive because they are wandering on the street. The processing fields and factories are marked with little animations so you will notice that some processes are going on there. After reading this Township review, it is advisable for you to check the compatibility of your device because the gameplay and graphic may require a more sophisticated gadget.

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Roblox Review, Creating Your Own Game

If you are a gamer, you might spend your time playing game made by other people. Instead of playing game, you can create one. Roblox is a unique game that you can play to create a game. In this Roblox review, we are going to talk about what this game has to offer. The first thing you need to know about this game is its sandbox game characteristic. Players will be able to explore their map. Most importantly, the gameplay requires you to create unique map of your own. At the end, you can make other players join and play together in your map.

Being a sandbox game, the Roblox review often mention about the comparison between this game and Minecraft. In general, both of them have distinctive feature. The main similarity between those games is about the gameplay. The gameplay encourages the creativity of its players. On the graphics wise, Roblox is more superior to Minecraft. Minecraft intentionally uses pixelated graphics. Meanwhile, the graphics on Roblox is close to realistic. Players can also make their avatar looks more attractive by purchasing gears. The gears are already sold in the global market. However, it is not considered as online purchase since players uses in-game currency for it.

Speaking about game currency, this sandbox game uses unique currency called as Robux. Robux can be used to purchase items such as blocks, gears, and weapons. On the Roblox review, you can see that most reviewers do not have any problem on obtaining Robux. It can be obtained from daily rewards at small amount. Some players of this game use Roblox hack in order to get more Robux. This alternative method is not advisable. Players who are intentionally use third party application will be permanently banned from the game. Obtaining Robux from daily rewards and trading are the best way for it.

From this Roblox review, we can draw conclusion that the game is not only about building a map. It offers more than that. Players need to be creative when developing their maps. Aside from this unique sandbox game gameplay, players can also make their map into challenging game. It does not take professional programmers to create high quality game. By using Roblox you can make your own game without any problem. The interface used is easy to operate. You do not need complicated coding to develop your map. If building game map is not your thing, you can play at maps created by other people.

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